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This morning\early afternoon | March 5, 2010

Hello again! Today there hasn’t been THAT much going on, but i’ll tell you about it anyway.

So this morning my mom woke me up early. at like 7:45. now i know most kids have to get up at 6am, but not every kid can’t fall asleep at night because of their aching foot. So anyway, my mom woke me up cause i had a doctor appointment this morning. So  i got dressed, brushed my teeth, and took a long time crutching down the stairs.

When i got downstairs, mom brushed my ahir, and we were off to the hospital. I know when i say “hospital” that people usually think OH NO WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?but i think you all know what happened to me. my foot is injured…and i think if i explain more, you won’t really understand it;) But back to my paragraph…..we hopped into the car, and drove off to AI. When we got there, I had to crutch all the way to the door(which is VEEEERRRRRYYYY tiring) and we went inside. There we headed to the place where we had to check in. we didn’t even have to ask the lady at the front desk where to go, because sadly, we had been there so many times.

We checked in and sat in the waiting room for like 6 minutes. That was enough time for me to read a good four pages in my book. After 5-6 minutes, a dude called my name and took us in the back. There, we had to wait to see my doctor, Dr. Obrien. In the back, that dude who called my name gave me a pair of big ugly blue shorts to put on. I didn’t really want to, but he said i had to. better not argue with the dude.

After ten minutes, my doctor came in and checked me out. She said that i could start putting weight on it! (YAY!….but also nay) YAY! because i could walk! nay because it hurt to put any pressure on it.

After we were out the door, mom said we could go out for breakfast\lunch. So we drove along, and found this cute little diner call Lucky’s Coffee Shop. So we went  inside and sat down. While we were sitting down mom said she felt like we had gone back in time:) she said that it looked like a restaurant that would’ve been there awhile ago.

Once we sat down, the waitress came over and we ordered stuff. Mom ordered over-easy eggs, toast, and  home fries. I ordered french toast, chocolate milk, home fries, and sausage. The food was great!! I ate a lot of it!!But i just couldn’t finish the french toast. But that didn’t matter because the french toast was HUUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

After we ate, we took the pretty ride home with mansions and woods. Overall, i had a fun time driving and looking at the houses.

So that was my morningish afternoon. Come to my blog tomorrow for more posts!!


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  1. Charis – great post! Do they always make you put on those big blue pants? Are they comfy at least?

    That little coffee shop sounds delish! I wish I was there! I can’t wait to see you walking, running, and dancing on that foot again! Keep on working hard and you’ll get there.

    Comment by Papa — March 5, 2010 @ 6:25 pm

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