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Hello, friends, family, and diek!!! | March 19, 2010

Hello all my peeps!!!!!as you all know from my last post is that i have a stomach bug or something like that. So i can’t really do anything fun:( BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Anyway, i wanted to say HI to everyone (that’s including deik too;)

Well anyhow, do you know what i want to do??? I want to go to California. I want to eat menchies there, pink berry, eat those yummy cookie ice cream things that grammy talks about all the time, see lillic and ollie and darby, and jason, boogie board, walk on venice beach,hike, and of course buy a really expensive ticket. end of story

Today i told judah there was a very special wishing spot in our living room. He believed me. So he went to this so called special wishing spot and wished. He wished that cosi’s eye ball would die. Cosi got made and went over to the wishing spot and wished that judah would break his leg. Then judah went over and wished cosi would be attacked by big bubbles and get snow thrown in her face, and both her eyes would fall out. Then cosi got mad and we were told to stop. and idk why i said “we” because i wasn’t involved.

Do you know what show i like to watch now? I like to watch this show called endurance. endurance is a show where a bunch of people from around the US come and play different games that involve endurance. at the very end of the season, a team becomes the winner and wins the grand prize trip to a tropical island.

Do you know what’s really sad? Judah went to the dentist today. and guess what? they say he has a cavity. isn’t that a bummer? I was sad when i heard about it. He’s getting it filled sometime in april, i think.

When anyway, that’s the end of my post. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I certainly don’t want Cosi’s eyeballs to die, so I agree that Judah wasn’t using the special wishing spot in the best o ways. And YES you have to come out, you will have such a great time!!! Why can’t just you come out at some point? You’re almost a teenager, anyway! Let’s start working on your parents about that, okay?

    Comment by jason — March 20, 2010 @ 4:12 am

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